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A few days ago the Class of 2021 began their final year at Geneva High School.  This year will be one of many happy memories and a few sad ones as well.  We, as senior sponsors, want it to be the best year ever!  There are a few things that you need to be aware of to mark your calendar.

August/September—These months are rather slow. If you are going to purchase a senior ad for the annual, you will need to take care of this during this time.  The final payment and all pictures will be due during September.   If your balance is not paid bythe due date, your ad will be pulled from the annual. 

Rotary—The Geneva Rotary Club makes a special effort to recognize the Seniors of Geneva High School. This is done by hosting 3-4 seniors at their weekly Rotary lunch meetings held on Wednesdays. Rotarians enjoy saluting the effort and dedication it takes to obtain the distinction of being a senior at Geneva High School. Seniors attend Rotary meetings on a rotational basis by homeroom (Metz, Parish, Seay, Tidwell). When it is your turn, you will sign out of school at 11:40. The meetings start at 12:00 at La Leyenda. Each senior will be introduced and information from the “Student Information for Rotary” sheet will be shared. After the meeting adjourns, you must return to school and sign in.

October—This month things start to pick up.  Homecoming is usually this month; you need to be dressed appropriately as an honored class. In the month of October, you will have the Fall Festival. You are in charge of the Chili Booth at the Fall Festival. Mr. Byrd will get you a letter covering this closer to time. Also, this is the month you will start ordering you senior supplies: caps, gown, memory books, cards, invitations, etc. You will need a $60 deposit at this time.

November—Not much happens in November, so begin now preparing for your final exams. CLEAR ALL DEBTS NOW!!!!

December—FINAL EXAMS for first term. Make sure you pass ALL of your classes. We do not want any of you trying to play catch up at the end of the year and possibly not graduate. “They can’t fail me now” is a false statement. You must put forth the effort. This is also a good time to make sure ALL DEBTS ARE CLEAR.

January—You have returned from Christmas break. This is when “senioritis” usually sets in. DO NOT QUIT! You still have approximately 18 weeks of school left and four classes you need to pass. You will be taking cap & gown pictures in January. Again, make sure all debts are clear.

February/March—These are easy months. There is very little you will have to do during this time. You will probably receive your graduation supplies and pay the balance on what you ordered.  You will take the ACT WorkKeys Assessment in early February. Do not miss school those days. Spring Break is usually the last week of March or the first of April. Don’t get stung by the Senioritis Bug. You also need to be preparing for PROM.

April—You will begin to get busy again during April. Prom is this month and “senioritis” is getting worse by the day. PLEASE remember you still have about nine weeks of school! This is when students start missing more and more school for the many school activities. Please remain focused and keep up your studies.

May—You have finally made it!!!! You are in the last month and it is going to be VERY busy. You will start senior practices for senior day, baccalaureate, and graduation. You will be involved in many banquets and senior parties. PLEASE REMAIN FOCUSED. You still have final exams. “They can’t fail me now” is still a false statement. Also, please make sure you have all your debts clear. If all debts are not clear you will not be allowed to participate in senior day, baccalaureate, or graduation!!! It will be very important that you be at school during this month. There will be many announcements made regarding senior activities and there will be many practices that you will not need to miss (missed practices equals no participation).

Under the "Forms" section is a dress code for rotary, senior day, baccalaureate, and graduation.  The dress code WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  If you do not follow the dress code, you WILL NOT be allowed to participate in senior day or graduation.  These activities are a privilege, not a right.

Best of luck this year and we hope to see you receive your diploma!  Remember, keep debts clear, grades up, and vaccinated for senioritis.