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The GHS Beta Club is committed to recognizing and promoting high academic achievement, rewarding and nurturing worthy character, fostering leadership skills and encouraging service to others. Geneva High School Senior Beta Club members are chosen "because of their worthy character, good mentality, creditable achievement, and commendable attitude."  Therefore, they are expected to have high behavioral and academic standards.

Standards of membership in the Geneva High School chapter of the National Beta Club must conform to the general features as laid down in the National Constitution; and in all cases must be approved by the executive head of the high school.  The classes from which members may be drawn shall be 9-12.  The scholastic requirements for membership in this chapter of the National Beta club shall be:

  1. In all core classes, a student must earn a 90 overall yearly average.
  2. Must not have any C's, D's, or F's in any of the core subjects.
  3. Must be on track for an Advanced Diploma with Honors.
  4. All grades must be earned at Geneva High School.  Transfer grades and correspondence course grades will not be accepted for Beta club eligibility.
  5. A student, who is presently a member of Beta or a National Honor Society, may transfer membership from their previous school to Geneva High School.

Active Members:

  1. Active members not earning an 85 yearly average shall be placed on probation.
  2. Active members earning a C during any 9-week grading period or for the semester shall be placed on probation.
  3. Active members will have one 9-week grading period in which to imporve grades to an A/B status, with an overall average of 85.
  4. Students will be dropped fro Beta roll if:
    1. They earn a D or F during a 9-week grading period or final semester grade.
    2. They have absences in excell os 10 during a semester.
    3. They are assigned ISS while a Beta member.
    4. They are suspended from School while a Beta member.
    5. They are sent to the office three times in one calendar year.
  5. Active members must stay on the advanced diploma track.  Course requirements in addition to all subjects and conditions qualifying for graduation must include.
    1. Advanced English at the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade levels as long as said courses are offered in the curriculum.
    2. Algebra I or the equivalent by the completion of the 9th grade year.
    3. Geometry or the equivalent and Algebra II completed by the conclusion of the 11th grade year.
    4. Pre-Calculus completed by the 12th grade year.
    5. Biology and Chemistry completed by the conclusion of the 11th grade year.
    6. Advanced Government and Economics at the 12th grade year.

In addtion to these academic standards, each student is expected bo adhere to a strict code of conduct and to maintain the integrity of the Geneva High School Beta Club and the National Beta Club.  The club sponsor or school principal may dismiss any member for conduct problems, poor school attendance, or anytime the best interest of the club requires it.  Rules, regulations, or expectations, beyond these listed, found in any local or national constitution or charter must like-wise be adhered to.


The National Beta Club Mission Statement

To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.


Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement


Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful


Developing the leaders of tomorrow


Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others