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Bynum, Jenny School Counselor
Crews, Michael Principal
Gilmore, Jenna Secretary
Johnson, Brent Assistant Principal
Knowles, Jane Office
Mitchum, Cyndi Nurse

Adcock, Michele Educational Interventionist
Ammons, Kevin History
Bedsole, Hollie Science
Bell, Ashley Career Prep
Bennett, Cathy Educational Interventionist
Brinley, Leah ACCESS/Substitute
Bynum, Jenny School Counselor
Cox, Cheri Science
Dyess, Nikki Career Coach
Fountain, Paige English Teacher
Galloway, Nancy Family and Consumer Sciences
Garner, Wes Mathematics
Hoffman, Jennifer Science
Jackson, Rodney Physical Education
Johnson, Debbie Library
Metz, Wendy Career Tech Director/Business Education/Co-Op Coordinator
Mitchum, Cyndi Nurse
Moore, Susan Educational Interventionist/ISS
Parish, Carri Math
Sanders, Les Physical Education
Seay, Kim Mathematics
Tidwell, Matthew History
Ward, Hannah Art
Weeks, Jamie English
White, Bridgett Health Science
Williams, Ashton Special Education Teacher
Williams, Chance Health & Physical Education
Wyatt, Dana Special Education

Brinley, Leah ACCESS/Substitute
Green, Todd Athletic Maintenance
Henderson , Tammy SBMH Counselor
Kunkle, Teresa CNP Manager
Marsh, Christina MH Counselor
Sellers, Fredia Custodial Staff
Smith, Gennia CNP Staff
Turner, Beth Resource Aide
Tyrues, Tyisha Custodial Staff